Implementation and monitoring

Implementation and monitoring of projects shall be exercised by the working group as a follow-up to finalize the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Composition and functions of the working group are defined by this document and detailed by the resolution of Lviv city mayor.

Members of the working group shall be: 

Representatives of sectoral units of Lviv city council in charge of project implementation. The group shall include representatives of the Department for Housing and Infrastructure, Transport Office, Department of Urban Planning of Lviv City Council, LCE “Lvivavtodor”, LME “Institute for Spatial Development”, LME “Lvivelektrotrans”, MI City Institute, or their successors, and from “Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine” project run by the GIZ German Office for International Cooperation. The working group may include representatives of community / NGOs, deputies of Lviv city council.

Number of working group members shall not exceed 15 persons, and the composition shall be approved by the resolution of Lviv city mayor. The resolution shall appoint the head and the deputy head of the working group authorized on behalf of the working group to maintain communication with city council units, steering committee, and other stakeholders.

The tasks of the working group is to monitor activities implementation under sustainable urban mobility plan, to track their outcomes, to check projects for conformity with sustainable mobility principles, to adjust them, and to introduce amendments. The working group shall be accountable for their activities to the deputy city mayor on housing and infrastructure.

The working group shall convene on a regular basis and as required, but at least once in two months. The agenda shall be suggested by the working group head, and shall be notified to other working group members not less than a week before the meeting. 

The working group shall report on their performance at least twice a year, and shall submit proposals on their activities to the integrated urban development steering committee. 

The steering committee on mobility shall include the following members: Lviv city mayor, deputy city mayors, directors of involved departments, heads of applicable deputy commissions, deputies of Lviv city council, representatives of the community / NGOs. Persons included as the working group members cannot be members of the mobility steering committee at the same time.

At meetings of the steering committee, they listen to the progress report of the working group for the last six months, and consider proposals developed by the working group. Executive team may submit proposals to amend the Action Plan and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, upon submission of the working group.

Project implementation for the current year shall depend on the amount of allocated funding.